Yokoshima Fitness Club

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◆What kind of game is it?

It’s a mini RPG where a girl has a naughty encounter at a fitness club.
The pixel art pose changes and animates depending on the situation.
The main focus is on enjoying conversations and events, and there are no battles, training elements, or deep stories like in regular RPGs.
Explore freely, talking to people, doing research, and enjoying the activities at the fitness club.
The difficulty level of the game is low.

◆Situations and event details

There are many situations involving pranks, sexual harassment, force, and creampie.
There are also scenes where you don’t realize that something naughty is being done to you. (You may be secretly filmed, tricked with words, while you are sleeping, etc.)
There are various events ranging from fitness-related events to non-fitness-related events.
There are also a little bit of bed shota, interspecies sex, sucking, and licking elements.

◆About standing pictures

There are over 60 types including normal and erotic types.
All the standing pictures of the H scenes are animated, and sound effects and voices are also played.
The only voice is pant voice.


The cross-sectional view can be displayed ON/OFF.
The main character’s dialogue is displayed in white text, and the NPC’s dialogue is displayed in other colors such as yellow.
After clearing, the clear room (gallery) will be released.
There are also events and standing pictures that can only be seen in the clear room.
Cleared save data is also included as a bonus.
There are no perks, but it is possible to become a virgin without experiencing any naughty experiences.

Development log

  • 100% Save File
  • Bug Fix

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