School, Love & Friend

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School, Love & Friends

Embark on a captivating journey through high school life in School, Love & Friends, an immersive interactive visual novel where players forge relationships, make meaningful choices, and navigate a world of friendship, romance, and sexuality.

This game contains nudity and sexual contents.

You play as Nate, a young man who has just moved in with his aunt and two cousins. You start your senior year of high school in a new town. The game takes the form of an open-world/visual novel where you choose which stories you want to pursue. The goal? Seduce and have relationships with your favorite characters.


  • Several dozens of characters, most of whom can be romanced.
  • Each character has their own story and personality.
  • Family life, classes, sports, and outings in town.
  • Organize student parties.
  • A story that highlights the life of a high school student.
  • Choices and multiple quests.
  • High-quality images and animations.
  • Sexual content, a lot of sexual content!


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