SB // Nishy's Futa Birthday

Game: SB // Nishy's Futa Birthday Free Download

Welcome to the SlaveBar Special : Nishy’s futanari birthday. A  SlaveBar spinoff game

Enjoy spending some extra time with our lewd goddess, as you slap and rub, thrust and rape her brains out. Climaxing at various times sends you on a different fetish route. Remember to customize Nishy, making her breasts bigger, adding cat ears with a tail, changing various cloths and more. Also, don’t forget to restart the app after 5’th go thru, for a special treat.

I’m pretty certain that this is the birthday present she always dreamed of, so don’t hold back :3


– Nishy the great slutty goddess, aka airhead. Also known as cutie pie, tiny pussy and whoreshy (if that blond girl didn’t lie).

– The Big Cake, aka big daddy. Also known as ‘what is that’, ‘keep it away from me’, ‘for Nishy-sama with my delicious love nectar’.


– a cute, slutty and masochistic futanari girl

– lust based live erection and dripping

– unique rub and slap animations for different interaction areas and different poses

– multiple h routes

– a wide variety of customization options

– multiple special buttons to make the experience more enjoyable

– fully uncensored

– special SlaveBar Secret game codes on every pass thru

Important Note

Please download and test the Free Demo before purchasing, to confirm that your system is compatible with this product. No third party applications (like applocale) are required to run this game.

Recommended to be played on Android devices. If playing on PC, then please use window mode (not fullscreen) resized close to a phone screen ratio (width lower then the height).

For Android : there are 2 versions included Normal (high quality) and Low Quality (the apk’s name ends with _LowQuality). The normal version (high quality) is recommended, yet if you’re experiencing lags or fps drops, please try the low quality version.

Android compatible versions : 5.1 and up

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The contents of this game (characters, world, story) can freely be used for fan-made stuff. With one condition, to include the original title and creator ( ‘SlaveBar’ by ‘Nymphokyun’ ).

– Fan-made stuff which can be monetized (used for commercial use), royalty free : images, manga/doujinshi/comics, videos, ASMR

– Not Allowed for commercial use : games

// Contacts


Email: [email protected]

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

Have an enjoyable time ^.-


Development log

  • Update [05.12.2022] ~ Bug fixes

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