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Paradise Adventure

Paradise Lust is a mix between a visual novel, dating sim, and adventure game – interspersed with a number of minigames. You’re the bartender of a yacht full of beauty queens, marooned on an idyllic island in the South Pacific.

Island Romance

You’ll meet girls, flirt with them, and learn about their lives, loves, and passions. As you grow closer, they’ll invite you to various relaxing activities, like swimming, stretching, yoga, and photography.

Tropical Lust

Successful romance leads to fully animated sex scenes with over a dozen different women, each with their own deep story, character, and desires. Unlock all of the various scenarios by unraveling each of their personal stories.

Puzzles and Subgames

Throughout the story are various puzzles and subgames, allowing you to fish in the sea, run your own bar, paint illustrations of the girls, piece together jigsaws, and many other challenges.

We are releasing new content monthly, with new places to go, new people to meet, and new stories to unfold. 

With Paradise Lust completed, we wanted to share our next game, Sinners Landing. It’s a VN/RPG, blending the VN gameplay of Paradise Lust with a full RPG, complete with dungeon crawling and deck-buildinging combat.

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Development log

  • Summer Sale Update
  • Hotfix 0.1.0g
  • Paradise Lust is now available!
  • April Update: A Hard Pill To Swallow
  • Hotfix 0.25.0h
  • March Update: Dragon’s Lair
  • February Update: Strange Transmissions
  • January Update: Trailblazers

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