Niplheim's Hunter – Branded Azel

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Searching for the demon beast that branded her,
the hunter girl, Azel, reaches that place.
The frontline of the battle between humans and monsters.
The remote land which some call the harbor of disasters,

Save data from the demo cannot be used in the full game.


Beautiful illustrations and pixel art.
Hilarious dialog between characters.
Custom-made side view battle system.
Symbol encounters, no random encounters.
Material gathering and crafting.
Text skip and event skip functions.
Two endings.

Equipment Crafting & Dress Up Outfit System:

You can create armors and improve weapons
by collecting materials from demon beasts.
All of the armors have illustrations,
movement & battle pixel art,
and there’s more than 10 armors you can get.

You can also equip armors in a Costume slot,
so you can wear and see your favorite armor
while having another armor equipped.

Lust Brand & EP System:

Azel can utilize the magic of the Lust Brand
on her abdomen and use special skills.
Using skills raises your EP and when it hits 100,
the Lust Brand goes wild and Azel goes in heat.
Monsters affected by the Lust Brand will
fuck Azel in a variety of scenes.

EP resets after in-battle scenes and you can
also reset it by doing events during the night.


Lust Brand counts and records Azel’s orgasms,
sensitivities and the amount of semen she has milked
and if you meet the requirements,
you can learn helpful passive skills.

You can also view these stats in a H-Stats menu.

Variety of H-Scenes:

In addition to the intense ADV style scenes,
there are also battle fuck scenes and you can enjoy
watching the heroine get fucked endlessly with a
hands-free system (the sex ends when you press a button).

All scenes are voiced and you can turn them on/off as you please.

Fetishes & Sexual Acts:

The game contains fetishes and sexual acts like:

ahegao, anal sex, bondage, creampies, deepthroating & fellatio, gangbangs, huge tits, huge cocks, humiliation, masturbation, multiple/endless orgasms, nipple teasing, non-consensual sex (male on female and female on male), prostitution, sex toys, sex while drugged (male only drugged and and both male & female drugged), sex with monsters, sexual massages, sexual milking/lactation, sexy outfits & dress up, spanking, tentacle sex, titjobs and voyeurism (female peeping at male & female having sex).

All sexual acts happen to females unless otherwise stated.


The game can only be played with a keyboard or a controller.
Mouse is not supported.
Basic Controls:
[Z] = Accept, Hold for Fast Battles
[X] = Cancel, Menu
[Ctrl] = Skip Text
[Shift] = Auto Text Mode, [X] to stop
[Q ]= Hide Dialog
[W] = Text Log

Other Stats:

Base CGs: 34 (~600 images in total)
H-Scenes: +30
Battle Fucks: 15 (H-Scenes are counted separately, so +45 scenes in total)

The game was created by Black Train in collaboration with Sugar Star.
The game is made in Wolf RPG Editor.

Translated and published by HappyHand.

Steam Keys:

You will get a Steam key after buying the game in which you can use to  unlock the game in Steam.

You will receive the key when you click the request key button on your purchase page.

About censors/mosaics:

The game is fully uncensored!

Development log

  • Steam Keys are now available!
  • Fixed typos and added a disclaimer about mosaics
  • Release Date, Price, Launch Discount and Steam

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