• Leather Jewelry Boxes is your good choice.HY-P121 glue can be used for sticking leather. HY-P121 leather glue is widely used in various materials such as shoes, such as molded EVA, EVA artificial leather, PVC, leather, PU foam and artificial rubber plastic.


  • Today, with the prosperous development of design, there seems to be a corner in the packaging field that has not attracted enough attention. It is jewelry packaging. While the jewelry industry is booming, it will inevitably require the follow-up of related additional industries.


  • 1. Overview of the jewelry box Every beauty-loving woman will have a batch of baby jewelry that she can't put down. Wearing suitable jewelry is like an inaccessible part of the female body. Both externally and internally, women's beauty index and self-confidence will be greatly improved. And an exquisite jewelry box not only allows beauty-loving babies to find a beautiful home, but also reflects a woman's extraordinary aesthetic and taste.


  • Magnetic Blister Cardboard Wine Packaging Box si your good choice.(1) Low-end wine box Generally, whiteboard paper, offset printing, hot stamping, embossing, and one-plate forming die-cutting are used. It is suitable for its low-grade wine in large batches and low cost requirements.


  • First use the remaining transparent rubber band to clean the empty paper ring, cut the decorative paper to the same specifications as the inner layer of the paper ring, and then glue the decorative paper to the inner layer of the paper ring to make the inside of the jewelry box clean and beautiful. The photo below is the "beautiful paper ring" I just mentioned How to make exquisite cloth jewelry box Make the bottom of the jewelry box: string the beads with fishing thread. It is very long.