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What are the advantages of wooden packing box?


With the continuous development of the packaging industry, a variety of packaging boxes began to appear in people's production and life. For some products, people like to use wooden boxes for packaging. The use of wooden boxes can not only improve the grade of gifts, but also save a long time. For special products, such as red wine, cigars, etc., wooden boxes will be used. So, what are the advantages of using wooden boxes for packaging ?I'd like to share my views with you.

1. Wooden box not only has simple and heavy texture, but also is very fine and exquisite in workmanship, so it brings people a strong ornamental

2. The use of wooden boxes for packaging products can better protect the product from collision and damage, compared with other materials of packaging boxes for a longer time, some packaging boxes also have good waterproof performance.

3. Environmental protection, now all advocate green environmental protection, the general packing box is disposable, but the wooden packing box can be used as a storage box, will not cause waste