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YDP - jewelry packaging box manufacturers

YDP is a jewelry packaging box manufacturers and suppliers. Whether you can make double-opening packaging boxes is a very simple way to judge the strength of the jewelry packaging manufacturers. There is a big difference between whether you can do it or not, so if you can do it Let's discuss it in detail. Do you know what the most critical step or process technology is for double-opening boxes?
The necessity of magnets, I believe that many people who have seen double-opening boxes or some more high-end jewelry packaging box custom design drawings will find that most of them will have magnets as accessories. Of course, the heaven and earth cover and the edge heaven and earth cover are exceptions. Box type, so why are magnets widely used in these high-end jewelry packaging cartons? It is actually very simple. The double-open packaging gift box has one thing in common, that is, if the box itself depends on the friction of the inner and outer boxes or the upper and lower boxes. It is very, very difficult to keep the box in the closed state by jamming each other, because the double-open feature makes the contact area of the box different from that of a normal carton. Even if the outer box is picked up vertically, the inner box inside will not fall out. , In order to ensure that the fluency of the double-opening box will not be hindered when it is opened, it will be relatively wide. Widening will bring a difficulty that is more difficult to overcome by the box itself. The double-opening box will not close tightly.
In this case, the easiest way to prevent the double-opening box from being opened easily is to install a magnet on the lid box. In fact, there are many ways to prevent the sliding lid or excessive looseness between the inner and outer upper and lower boxes, but other The method generally uses more cutting-edge technology, more precise and precise. For example, adjusting the beer board so that several beer boards are very accurate, and the above situation will not occur, but this is very difficult. It requires not only a very professional beer board master. In order to adjust to a perfect data state, a lot of materials need to be wasted. If you think about it, a typical size of a beer board must be charged 200~300, and a larger one is more than 300. This high-end double-box beer board Generally not small
Although we are pursuing a high-end double-opening box, it does not mean that it does not matter if such a large amount of cost is spent to make this high-end jewelry box. If a magnet is used to fix the lid, Just leave a little more space between the upper and lower inner and outer boxes, and you can accomplish this without getting stuck.