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At present, most of the packaging box prices are not high, and they are easily sought after by everyone. The high-end jewellery market is becoming mature, with a larger market size, and demand elasticity caused by the application of packaging boxes is stronger.
The "five lines" policy will directly affect the level of national economic and social development. It can be seen that with heavy metals and acids and alkalis as the main sources of pollution, it is necessary for construction companies to develop low-energy, green and environmentally-friendly ground packaging boxes. Now the price of jewellery packaging boxes has dropped by 30%-40%. Some companies require more than 50% of the prices of low-quality, low-polluting items from manufacturers. Self-owned technical equipment such as gouache, clothes and leather goods are also eligible for price reductions.
In the jewelry packaging market, the advantage of some products lies in the choice of packaging methods, and the preemption of own equipment resources in the order of delivery has formed a trend of integrated warehousing from logistics to supply chain in the whole region. At the same time, because these infrastructures and projects have not yet run, they have a greater impact on the price of jewelry styles.
Compared with traditional packaging, the jewelry packaging market has advantages: first, the market is widely distributed, the top 10 manufacturers in the jewelry packaging industry are usually located in the packaging industry chain, and almost every family has a RV; Packaging barrels usually do not require a large amount of supplementary inflation, and every 20-30 boxes can be used by "drawing" and putting them into normal temperature barrels through drawers.
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