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The process of making jewelry box


It has a procedure working for making jewelry packages. Usually it costs 3 days for jewelry box sample proofing, and 15 days for jewelry box mass production. Do you know how many steps to produce a jewelry gift box and the time table for each process?

jewelry box

The first step is prepare the package materials, including the main structure materials as like card board or raw jewelry plastic box with metal hinge, the outside wrapping material as like paper, fabric, or leather, the craftsmanship we want to make on the jewelry box as like hot stamping, UV, printing, deboss, or emboss of the logo and design, and the materials of the inserts or other attachments. 

When all of the requested jewelry box materials are back, will need to cut all of the raw materials into pieces at suitable sizes, then arrange craftsmanship producing on these materials.

At last, will combine these materials as like wrapping the outside materials on the main structure cardboard or plastic box, combine inserts and other attachments as like ribbon, hinge, button, magnet etc, to create one perfect jewelry box

There are simply 3 steps for the jewelry box production procedure, and the first and second step are preparing materials, the last step is production procedure. Usually it requests about 10-15 days for preparing, and around one week for production. 

What I should indicate is that we should confirm all of the product details before preparing and production. Because when everything confirmed, we are able to calculate how much materials needed, and arrange the time and labor wisely during production, in order to finish the procedure more steadily.