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Elements for customizing jewelry box packaging


When it comes to jewelry, most people probably care about the design and quality of jewelry. In fact, the packaging box of jewelry is no exception. When choosing precious jewelry for their family members and loved ones, they definitely hope to match a delicate jewelry box. So do you know a few elements of choosing a jewelry box?


1. Functionality


Compared with single-function jewelry boxes, more businesses are turning to jewelry packaging boxes suitable for multiple jewellery, which makes the products of the businesses more diversified, which means they do not need to customize too many styles of jewelry packaging boxes.


2. Texture


Now, more and more customers hope that their jewelry boxes can incorporate various materials, especially velvet. The velvet trend seems to have surpassed the traditional packaging, of course, including jewelry display. Now many international big names, such as Gucci and Chanel, use velvet display, and this trend is slowly spreading.

 jewelry box

3. Color


Now customers choose brighter colors for packaging colors. Specifically, businesses are using their packaging colors to brand their brands. In this way, when customers see it, they can immediately think of the brand of the product. Tiffany is a perfect example, he maximizes the trend of the jewelry industry. Thinking that you can use color to become a synonym for a brand is not done overnight. Merchants must realize that this will be a long-term project and ensure that their brand colors are consistent in all aspects of the store.


4. Design


Usually high-value products tend to be impressive, and the same beautiful packaging can also stimulate people's desire to buy. If customers buy beautifully packaged products, they are more likely to save it, which also has Help to strengthen the purchase of customers again. Therefore, the design of jewelry boxes has always been a key component of packaging.