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Types of jewelry boxes

Jewelry is an essential decoration for a woman's life. The messy storage of jewelry is an annoying problem, so you need a beautiful jewelry box to collect your beloved jewelry. Small Space University asked, picking a suitable jewelry box will not only help you store jewelry, but also allow you to enjoy the romantic life of petty bourgeoisie. Then how much do you know about jewelry boxes? do not know? That's okay, today I will introduce to you the types of jewelry boxes and watch them!
1.Paper jewelry box
At present, the paper boxes on the market are generally made of cardboard, and a layer of paper is wrapped on the outside. The paper is usually a double-copper paper with strong plasticity. The relative price of this type of box is relatively cheap, and more commonly used in silver jewelry stores. Of course, some paper jewellery boxes that are taller and taller also appear in jewelry stores. As a packaging box manufacturer, YDP Quality Packaging (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd  also produces paper jewelry boxes.
2.Flocked jewelry box
The flocking box is made of plastic as the main structure. The flocking surface looks beautiful and light. Flocking boxes are relatively more expensive than cartons. Generally also used for silver jewelry, gold and so on.
3.Gel jewelry box
This type of jewellery box is generally processed by injection molding and mass production with open molds. Generally it is tens of thousands of demand. Most of them are flocking and paper processing. The jewellery box of this material has the lowest price and the grade is relatively low. , Is currently the first choice for most jewelers.
4.Wooden jewelry box
The solid wood jewelry box is a relatively high-end jewelry packaging. Generally, solid wood is used as the main material and spray-painted. Many companies use this solid wood jewelry box to export abroad. The batch is not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive.
5.Glass jewelry box
Made of plexiglass, it is not easy to break, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion. The combination of glass jewelry box and fashion elements gives a strong sense of the times and modern atmosphere. This type of box is usually used in high-end jewelry packaging. Jewelry boxes of this material are often accompanied by some flowers or green plants during use. They look very natural, and they give people a sense of earthiness and a sense of fairy.
Of course, in addition to the above classification by material, there is also a method of classification, that is, according to their production technology, they can be divided into two categories, one is craft jewelry boxes, and the other is mechanism jewelry boxes. The price varies greatly. After all, craft jewelry boxes are handmade, time-consuming, finely crafted, and the mechanism is faster. Relatively speaking, there are certainly no handmade craft jewelry boxes to be fine, so is it still It also has to choose according to their needs and hobbies.