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Madam’s Maid is an 18+ Game.

This is the completed version of Madam’s Maid. If you would like to try the sample scene first for performance or compatibility, the link to an updated demo is here… 

Madam’s Maid DEMO

This completed experiences consists of three distinct scenes. Combined, one run is  approximately 40 minutes long. Madam’s Maid is an interactive story, your choices heavily affecting dialogue and other interactions. For this reason alone I would suggest playing through multiple times, as there is a variety of content to be submerged into, which cannot be enjoyed within a single playthrough. 


Assigned to serving your employers niece, your new Madam. A demanding, dominant woman who has no issue manipulating her new toy to meet her every need. You arrive expecting to serve and clean, just as you’ve done previously for the lady of the house. But you soon find yourself being led into perversion by someone who lives in their own little world and has all the intention of pulling you into it.


Use  WASD or arrow keys to move around freely. Mouse, to hover over objects and interact with them, look at or clean. Speak with ‘The Niece’ and engage in conversation, choosing different dialogue options as you do. 

The Niece will judge you in multiple ways…

…. This will influence the outcomes and how the niece will speak or treat you. 

Themes included.

– Lesbianism.

– Dominance /  Submission.

– Cunnilingus (giving and receiving).

– Analingus.

– Foot worship (boot licking and bare foot).

– Stripping / Up skirt and voyeurism.

– Seduction and tease.

– Manipulation and coercion.

– Humiliation.

– Servitude.

– Anal.

– Strap on.

– Spanking/ Punishment.

– Finger fucking.

– Wet panties.

– Spitting.

– Tribbing.

– Leash and collar.


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