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” Chapter 1: Sammy and Poppi” is out now!


Have a go at this comedic 3D animated romp of a story!

 In this romantic spinoff to the hit adult horror game “In Heat: Lustful Nights”, you play as an office worker whose boss has selected to gift a vacation package to. But this is no mere ticket, as you’ve earned yourself the premium VIP pass to the island and all the perks it comes with! That is, seeing as his wife wasn’t keen on him having purchased himself a meet-and-greet (and possible date) with the island’s world-famous monster gals for their honeymoon…

You’ll be the one that gets to visit the Diamond Straits Resort and Entertainment Facility, a luxurious island with all sorts of attractions and locations! Mingle with the monsters roaming the island… or not. Make them hate your guts! Find collectibles and secrets that will lead you away from your usual dating sim.

Act vanilla and enjoy a wholesome story with your favorite girls… or risk being arrested or even eaten alive for a goal you yourself might not even know the reward to!

Are you up for the job?

Every .1 update adds bug fixes, extra artworks to collect and extra interactions after you date the girls!

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This game is continuously in development and being worked on solely by me as I help with the mainline game, expect changes and expansions to content.
The android version may suffer from occasional lag during animated segments in old phones.

Development log

  • Chapter 3: what changed and when will it be out?
  • Honeymoon’s development is in danger.
  • Honeymoon Chapter 2.1 Update is out now!
  • Honeymoon Chapter 2 is out now! Nile and Misty’s date now available
  • Chapter 2 release date delayed over health issues
  • A demo for Sammy and Poppi’s date is now available!
  • Version 1.1 Update – Extras and freeroam!
  • In Heat: Honeymoon Launch devlog!

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