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Animated Adult Visual Novel

Flying High is a behind the scenes look at our revered superheroes Solar and Eclipse, who despite insurmountable obstacles have a habit of coming out on top… of each other. And what you and I didn’t know is that there’s only one thing that superheroes love more than fighting crime and that’s… fucking. And we have it all on video!

NOTE: This is not a full end to end animation. This is an adult visual novel meaning it consists of moving still images with audio dialogue and sub titles and only the sex scenes are animated. Watch the Flying High gameplay trailer or below to give you a better idea.

It’s the year 2039, and Neo Astra’s at the cutting edge of tech. We’ve got AI that’s like talking to a real person, smart buildings that touch the clouds, and cars that don’t need roads. People’s lives are easier, faster, more connected.

But with all this tech comes questions. Big corporations, the ones behind these innovations, they’re making life better, sure. But at what cost? They’re everywhere, in everything, watching, controlling everything you do.


Enter Solar, Neo Astra’s radiant defender. She’s more than a crime-fighter; she’s a symbol of hope in a world obsessed with technology. With a massive chest and following on social media, she’s the new breed of influencer, but how much of that influence is steered through corporate sponsorship?

Then there’s Eclipse, the shadow in Solar’s light, questioning the status quo, challenging the power of big tech. Her motives may be veiled but her message is clear: Who’s really in control? One thing she’s not shy about is unleashing her shlong and few can blame her, considering the size of that thing!

And you? You’re in the driver’s seat. The fate of the city, the destiny of its heroes and most of all their sex lives are in your precious hands. Make your choices count!

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