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My bosses are LITERALLY from hell! The only way out of this is to suit up and climb the corporate ladder to make this company mine! Under Contract is a high-skill match 3 arcade game with a comedy-driven narrative that’s guaranteed to lighten a load or two!

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane that will scratch the ydpbox.com for the quarter-guzzling arcade puzzle games of yesteryear. Similar to Magical Drop and Money Puzzle Exchanger.

Under Contract modernizes the trimmings by delivering an extensive campaign, expansive puzzle variety, dimension sprawling narrative, and all the extra modes you could ever want.

Rescue your coworkers, screw your bosses, fuck your way up the cultporate ladder, and decide your own fate!

Are you ready for some overtime?

<a href=”In” class=”redactor-linkify-object”>https://monsterboxgames.ydpbox.com.io/in-heat”>In Heat by MonsterBox</a>

Development log

  • Gems of Power v0.4.6
  • Dev Blog 04
  • Gallery of Smut v0.4.5
  • Hotfix v0.4.4c
  • Demonic Voices v0.4.4
  • Marketing Motherload v0.4.1
  • Under Contract’s new demo v0.2.9
  • New Trailer and OST!

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Under Contract is renowned for its immersive role-playing elements, strategic depth, and high-quality graphics, making it a standout in the adult gaming category. Its unique storyline engages players from the outset, drawing them into a meticulously crafted world filled with intriguing characters and complex narratives. The game's ability to combine adult themes with compelling gameplay ensures a rich and satisfying experience.

In summary, Under Contract excels in delivering a safe, accessible, and deeply engaging gaming experience. Its commitment to security, coupled with the ease of installation and a rich narrative, makes Under Contract a must-play for enthusiasts of adult gaming. With its place secured among the top titles in the genre, Under Contract continues to captivate and entertain players, promising hours of immersive gameplay.