TUNNEL ESCAPE 0.26.1a special (2024 Jun Supporter version)

Game: TUNNEL ESCAPE 0.26.1a special (2024 Jun Supporter version) Free Download

  • Exquisite hand-drawn animations and sound.
  • Dozens of delicate H-scenes.
  • Hundreds of random skills. 
  • Zombies, firearms, and beautiful girl!
  • Excellent gamepad vibration experience.
  • English Language Patch available.

This game is currently in development and is being crowdfunded through monthly subscriptions on Ci-en. If you find it inconvenient to subscribe via Ci-en, you can support the game’s development by purchasing monthly released game updates here. Feel free to join the game’s Discord community. You can provide feedback, share opinions, or seek assistance within the community.

0.25.3a ~ 0.26.0a Update Change logs on Ci-en.

Please read the game update info and introduction, and follow me on Ci-en.

Before purchasing, please note

  • This is not early access.
  • You are purchasing the in-development version for the current month, which is equivalent to supporting the game’s development on a monthly subscription. I greatly appreciate your support. 
  • After purchase, you can receive all minor updates for free within the current month.
  • Purchasing the version for the current month will not grant you free access to the major updates for the next month. 
  • If you have previously purchased version 0.25.3a on ydpbox.com, you will receive a 50% discount this time!
  • Due to Ci-en’s requirements, I can no longer provide the decensor patch and digital artbook. As a result, the support amount has been reduced this time.

This is a rogue-lite exploration RPG/ADV

The story takes place in a city infected by a zombie virus.

In order to avoid zombies, the heroine accidentally entered an underground secret biological laboratory and discovered a shocking secret. Since then, she has embarked on a journey to save mankind.

Carefully handcrafted H-scenes with animations and voiceovers

All H-scenes are meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, with every frame and variation of motion being carefully hand-drawn and refined.

The pacing and events of the animations are meticulously controlled through scripting.

Abundant variations and intricate detail effects

Depending on the protagonist’s different states, you’ll witness various changes occurring within the H-scenes.

These changes include expressions, voiceovers, particle effects, subtle bodily movements, and more.

Random encounter events

Freely learn hundreds of randomly appearing skills and develop characters.

4 unique firearms are available. Weapons can be changed at any time during the battle to change tactics.

Precise management of resources and adrenaline. Adrenaline can be altered by sexual intercourse or by using drugs.

Full Controller Support and Force Feedback

Detailed force feedback for every shot and insertion, creating a tactile experience. Since there are many places where force feedback is needed, it will be gradually added in the future.

Please be sure to give the controller vibration a try.

(The grenade launcher in this picture  is not implemented yet)

Fully supports one-handed control. 

Whether it’s your left hand or right hand, you can effortlessly navigate the game using only one hand (or both hands)! It’s important to an adult game.

Operating Environment: Windows 64-bit 

Recommended Specs: Intel i7 7700 or higher, 8GB RAM or more

About the Dynamic Verification Code:

  • The game may occasionally ask you to enter a 3-digit verification code.
  • When the game asks for a verification code, please come to this page to download the latest verification code.
  • Please be careful, as entering the wrong code will cause the game to exit.
  • The game will only use the network to transmit the verification code and won’t transfer any other data.
  • Enter the correct verification code, and you will receive a precious fruit that permanently boosts your character’s abilities! 

About false positives from antivirus software

  • Some antivirus may produce false positives. If you encounter such a situation, simply add the game’s exe file to the whitelist of your antivirus. The game itself does not contain any viruses.
  • Do not trust any content spread by unethical communities, as they may embed viruses in the game. Several such incidents have already occurred, which I have witnessed along with the support team from many platforms.
  • Any content not officially released by Elzee and Saikey Studios may contain malicious code. Please do not obtain the game from unofficial sources. Elzee and Saikey Studios are not responsible for any losses incurred as a result.

Add to your wishlist and play the free demo

  • Steamhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2908950/Tunnel_Escape/ 

* If you have any issues with the Steam version, please contact my publisher, Saikey Studios.

  • DLsitehttps://www.dlsite.com/maniax/announce/=/product_id/RJ391266.html/

Development log

  • Game updated to 0.26.1a

Free Download TUNNEL ESCAPE 0.26.1a special (2024 Jun Supporter version) Game
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