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Game: The Photographer (v1.1.2) – Nymphs Free Download

Synopsis: After graduating from university, you start to work as a photographer in a small agency. But after a business trip, your boss requests you to let a Japanese model live with you for a short time. But your apartment is only big enough for a small bed. Furthermore, he wants you to turn her into a slut for his own scheme. What will you do then?

Depending on your choices, the game will lead you to one of these routes:

  • Gentleman Route: You keep being nice and try to help the women. At the end of the story, you’ll be able to choose one of the women or all of them.
  • Jerk Route: Even though you act like a jerk, you still try to help the women in secret. At the end of the story, you’ll be able to choose one of the women or all of them.
  • Sharing Route: You act like a jerk and share the women with other guys.
  • NTR Route: You have to watch other guys fooling around with the women.

Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious and are at least 18 years old.

Since the game files exceeded 1GBs, I had to split them. To join them, please use 7-Zip:

After downloading 7-Zip, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Download the build you play (PC / MAC / Android). Each build contains multiple files (.001, .002, …). Please download all of them.
  • Step 2: Right click on the .001 file, choose ‘Extract here’. 7-Zip will extract and join the files.
  • Step 3: After extracting it, you can play the game.

If it’s too complicated, please use the external links (Mega). You only need to download it once with the external links.

While playing the game, if you don’t know how to reach any scenes or any endings you want, please download and use the walkthrough (pdf files).

Since The Photographer is still being developed, the price of it at the moment is lower than the expected price when the full version is out:

  • v1.1 at the price of (10% discount).
  • v1.3 at the price of (5% discount): add more scenes for Monika, Julieta, Himawari.
  • v1.5 at the price of 00: add Harem Ending, NTR Ending, Pregnancy Ending…
  • v2.0 at the price of 00: Final Release.

The updates will be available to everyone who has already been owning it. Therefore, the sooner you buy The Photographer, the cheaper it is for you!

If you also want to encourage me to finish The Photographer sooner, please consider supporting me on: Nymphs | creating Visual Novels | Patreon.

Thanks a lot, and Best Regards!

Free Download The Photographer (v1.1.2) – Nymphs Game
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