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Only for adults.

👻 About The Game 👻

Prepare for an adventure with “The Necromancer’s Pact,” a game that makes the cursed life hilariously entertaining! Imagine your curiosity got the best of you, leading necromancers to turn you into… a jar. But not just any jar—a soul-collecting, pact-fulfilling jar, potman, tasked with a mission most bizarre.

In this game, you are bound by a pact to collect souls, but there’s a twist! The more souls you gather, the more… liberating it gets for the necromancer. Gear up and get ready to crank those keyboards, as it’s time to collect souls and see the unseen in a game where the stakes are as high as the… goal!


🔥 The Necromancer’s Pact 🔥

Characters: Dive into the fray with 13 characters, each bringing their own unique flair to your soul-collecting escapades!

Pots: Choose from a bunch of new pots that add style and strategy to your soul-harvesting mission.

Zones: Explore 3 zones – the Graveyard where you land first, the mysterious Castle and the towering High Tower, each filled with challenges and hidden secrets under the clothes.

Epic Finale: Experience the ultimate conclusion in a captivating finish cutscene that will tie all your adventurous endeavors together!

Workshop: The easy way to enjoy the unlocked content.


Soul Collecting: Master the art of balance and flow in managing souls. Match and join them to grow bigger and boost your satisfaction.

Aerial Strikes: Earn bonus points by striking souls mid-air with impeccable timing and precision.

Feed the Hunger: Throw collected souls to the necromancer to satiate their dark hunger and witness… unexpected wardrobe malfunctions.

🕹️ Controls 🕹️

Play one-handed!

Horizontal Movement: AD keys or Arrow keys

Throw: W, Spacebar, or Up Arrow

Adventure Mode: Enter the zone with Up, W, or Spacebar

🌟 Break the curse🌟

Ready to step into a world where curses came? Embrace your new life as Potman, fulfill the pact, and unravel the mysteries of the ‘mancers. See you in the game – where the wardrobe gets lighter, and the adventure gets heavier!

Can’t decide? Get a taste of the cursed potman’s life. Check out the free DEMO of The Necromancer’s Pact

Development log

  • The Necromancer’s Pact Full Release!

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