Master's Sex Casino – Texas Hold'em Standard Edition

Game: Master's Sex Casino – Texas Hold'em Standard Edition Free Download

First Erotic Cards Game integrated directly with Xtoys



I’m Bbboythereis. Engineer from Poland who like sex toys and in free time creates scripts and teases for Xtoys app (under aliases konditujest & bboythereis) and erotic 3D renders (under alias bboythereis).

I wanna show you my recent gameĀ integrated directly with Xtoys environment!


Master’s Sex Casino – Texas Hold’em

First erotic card game which let you have many fun with your sex toys in two modes: Single-player and Mutli-player. And all of that in one price of Standard Edition



Come alone or take your girlfriend / boyfriend / lover or friends to Master’s Sex Casino and try yours luck with special sex toy edition of Texas Hold’em. Check if you like to have aces in the hole or you will be bluffing on the flop with nothing but air… if you still have Chips, local currency in Master’s Sex Casino šŸ˜‰

Perhaps Cowboys instead aces give you the unforgettable or torturous ride of your life with rhythmical or random pleasure wave beats (Master’s Body Dance / Master’s Sex Casino patterns).

Choose your warm-up intensity for first playthrough and jump straight to your best strategy. Intensity of your toys for every next rounds depends on your best hands. Do you be a tight player? That can give you chips, only… Fold equals nothing for your toys and your pleasure. So call or raise? Your bet and… toys intensity for current round. Maybe Grinder strategy? Just bet on your luck and have fun!

Singleplayer mode:
game with 1-3 NPC opponents
Multiplayer mode: for 2-4 players



1. XToys is a cross-platform app for controlling and automating your sex toys. It support more than 600 toys in Windows, Android and Apple OS.

2. Master’s Sex Casino – Texas Hold’em is a erotic card game designed to work in You don’t need have an account but it is recommended to create free account to play in Multiplayer mode with other players in Online Tease Sessions.

3. Standard Edition is selled with two standalone modes: Single & Multiplayer. Demo and Full version of a game is available under free external links. Full version is activated by Activation Key. Both modes works on the same key. For Multiplayer mode it is enough if host have activated game.

4. Lara C – Jackpot (59x), Lara C – Devilish Desire 1 and Lara C – Devilish Desire 2 are bundles of hot and sexy renders in 2.5K res (1440×2160|2560×1440) added as graphic assets DLCs. First was used in Jackpot cards deck (available in demo version). The order of samples in screenshot section corresponds to names of DLCs.


More About Me And My Work

My adventure with this game started from where I created many scripts and teases. Some of them are available for free in Xtoys public library. Developing of game created also many, many renders! They are available to buy here in 2.5K resolution.Ā Perhaps you should try šŸ˜‰

Game was developed to 1.3.0 version, it’s ready product with 3 cards decks to choose but that don’t mean that a lot new other stuff can come. New cards decks and new renders always can be added!Ā 

Free Download Master's Sex Casino – Texas Hold'em Standard Edition Game
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