Maid Mansion Nightmare (Lewd 18+)

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Maid Mansion Nightmare is a Lewd Adventure game.

Sofia, a university student with an obsession with the occult, finds herself trapped in a nightmarish version of the McGregor Mansion, a place where Sofia was obsessed with because various women had vanished in mysterious circumstances over decades.

The halls are filled with ghosts trapped in the mansion, unable to move on, some because of unfinished business, others just don’t want to, prefering to prey on the people that get trapped there with them.

Can Sofia break free of the nightmare world? or will she become another lost one?

You decide!

Lewd content

There’s a compelling force in the mansion that makes Sofia do anything she’s agreed to, even if she didn’t know what she was agreeing to at the time. So theres a lot of fun mind control content, and the overseer wipes her memory so she can fall over and over again.!

Rough sex, Titfucks, breast expansion, minotaur, hypnosis, aphrodisiacs, milking and more !

full gallery unlocked upon completion to relive your favourite scenes.


Sofia must scour the mansion, solve puzzles, evade capture and perform the ritual to return to the real world.

some tasks require Sofia to don the mansions maid uniform, swap between the role of staff and guest. but be wary, she often can’t turn down orders when treated as staff.

There will be a monster that follows Sofia between rooms that needs to be hidden from every now and then to keep things fresh, she can hide in closets and lure the monster into traps to get them out of the way for a while.

Development log

  • Game’s out!

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