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The vicious vampire Victoria and the demon that is the cause of many of her woes, Hanaja, have been at odds with each other for countless years… Until one day, Victoria receives a mysterious tome. Naturally guessing it was a trap, she planned to do away with the cursed book. That is, until
Hanaja shows up and opens it!

The two were sucked into the stories within the twisted tome, but with a major complication. The frenemies both inhabited a singular body! Not only are they struggling for control of their body while they figure out how to escape the dastardly trap, but they find themselves “sharing” their body with a growing cast of colorful characters. Each chapter they explore introduces to them a new ally… and a new headache for the vampire.

Hanaja’s Body 2 in One is an erotic game of transformation and sexual humiliation. Embrace and utilize the powers of Victoria, Hanaja, and others like Cinderella the Lazy Dragon Princess in order to navigate the boundless worlds of each chapter. Each form brings something new to the table for exploration AND combat… and that’s not even mentioning the combinations!

Each form can be combined with each other form, creating some wonderfully twisted transformations and brilliant combat opportunities. Use attacks from different forms to inflict powerful Reactions and scribe combat to be in your favor! Make sure you’re paying attention, because enemies can inflict these same Reactions on you.

  • Combine different bodies together to solve puzzles and conquer challenging combat scenarios. Whether you want to just be a lactating hunicorn (hucow-unicorn), or you want to combine Hanaja’s dick with the force and size of a mighty dragon, there’s a perfect body for you! 
  • Stay in control and get swole! Using skills in battle will allow you to accumulate Skill Points that can be used at any time to learn new techniques and powerful passive abilities.
  • Explore through four different chapters using your different bodies to discover who trapped our dysfunctional duo in the tome to begin with!
  • Believe and Achieve! Achievements are no longer just for show, they now reward you with unique and powerful equipment that can change how you battle.
  • Indulge in the lighthearted writing and twistedly kinky lewd end scenarios that the series is known for.

Join the developer Discord server: https://discord.gg/G2TsKAV  


Arrow Keys or Left Mouse Click – Move  

Enter or Z or Left Mouse Click – Confirm

Esc or X or Right Mouse Click – Cancel or Menu (Outside of Battle)

Shift Key (Hold) – Sprint/Move Fast

Tab Key (Hold) – Skip Dialogue 

A and S – Quick Cycle through equipped Transformations

Mouse Hover – Tool Tips for Auras/Reactions/Status Effects in battle

Let’s promote sex positivity and stay kinky!

That’s something Hanaja and Victoria both agree on!

Development log

  • A few more quick bug fixes!
  • Bashed a Baffling Bug in Chapter 3

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