Foot Fetish Fortress Voltitan Vs. The Jundoh Empire Vol.3

Game: Foot Fetish Fortress Voltitan Vs. The Jundoh Empire Vol.3 Free Download

Embark on an exhilarating journey in  Foot Fetish Fortress Voltitan Vol.3 where high-octane super robot action meets an engaging and whimsical narrative. Continuing from the cliffhanger of Vol.2, join Marvin, the Champion of Soles, and his team of valiant Valkyries as they venture deeper into the enigmatic world of Feeternia, battling against the formidable forces of the Jundoh Empire and their menacing Gargabeasts.

Key Features:

  1. 3D Gameplay Mechanics:
    • Dive into dynamic, fully 3D battles where strategy and reflexes are key. Control the mighty Voltitan in real-time combat, swydpbox.coming between land and air combat to outmaneuver your opponents.
    • Engage in visceral close-range combat and unleash devastating ranged attacks, balancing the use of Voltitan’s unique abilities with the management of your critical resource – podo particles.
  2. Village Defense Mode:
    • Protect the Macronn Village in tense tower defense-style missions. Command Voltitan and allies like Daigemer and Linkman, each with AI-driven behaviors, to fend off swarms of Beekra workers and towering Gargabeasts.
    • Make strategic decisions to prioritize threats, manage resources, and minimize collateral damage to earn maximum Faith Points for upgrades.
  3. Narrative Continuation:
    • Continue the quest for the mystical Phoenix Stones, with each stone unlocking new abilities and forms for Voltitan. Experience a story that seamlessly blends humor, heart, and the thrill of discovery.
    • Encounter new allies and adversaries, and unravel deeper mysteries of Feeternia, Voltitan’s legend, and the cosmic conflict against the Jundoh Empire.
  4. Enhanced Customization and Upgrades:
    • Use Faith Points to customize and upgrade Voltitan’s abilities. Tailor your giant robot to suit your playstyle, whether you prefer brute strength, agile maneuvers, or balanced tactics.
    • Unlock special cutscenes, and other hidden features as Voltitan’s influence and reputation grow among the villagers.
  5. Interactive Visual Novel Segments:
    • Engage in rich visual novel segments where your choices shape the story. Develop deeper relationships with the characters, influence political intrigue, and make decisions that impact the course of the war against the Jundoh Empire.
    • Experience a unique blend of super robot action and interactive storytelling, where every decision and battle outcome feeds back into the narrative.
  6. Team Dynamics and Humor:
    • Revel in the playful banter and unique dynamics of Marvin’s team. Each Valkyrie brings her own personality, abilities, and humorous interactions to the mix, enriching the gameplay experience.
    • Witness Marvin’s growth from a shy young man to a confident leader, embracing his role and the quirks that come with being Voltitan’s Champion.
  7. Cinematic Battles and Finishing Moves:
    • Engage in epic cinematic battles against colossal Gargabeasts. Execute perfectly timed finishing moves, the almighty Critical Climax, reminiscent of classic super robot and tokusatsu shows, for satisfying battle conclusions.

Foot Fetish Fortress Voltitan Vol.3: Rise of the Leviathan  promises a blend of high-flying super robot combat, strategic gameplay, and a story filled with humor, heart, and the bizarre charm of Feeternia. Suit up as Voltitan, command the skies, protect the village, and continue the quest to unravel the mysteries of the Phoenix Stones in this unforgettable adventure!


  • Movement:  WASD/ Left Analog Stick
  • Jump:  Spacebar/ X button
  • Attack: J/ Square Button
  • Block: O/L1
  • Weapon: 5/ D-Pad down
  • Fire Weapon:  K/Circle button
  • Transform: E/R1 Button
  • Lock-On: 2/ D-Pad Up
  • Flight(After jumping as Voltitan): 0/R2
  • Dash 1/R2
  • Recharge(trigger surge ritual minigame): C/Select button

Minigame controls:

  • Guage Increase: F/ Circle Button
  • Guage Decrease: V/X Button.
  • Filling Guage: Spacebar/Analog sticks

Development log

  • Voltitan Vol.3 playable demo is now available

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