Fetish Locator Week Two

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The second chapter of the Fetish Locator Trilogy has arrived! Discover what’s next for our protagonist as he’s thrown into a lewd frenzy with over 20 girls! How do your prior choices ultimately affect things this time? Surpass your limits as you seduce and romance your way to the top in Fetish Locator!

From shy to wild, these girls are going to make your heart race! Be ready to experience a variety of adventures that are filled with sex and a lot of fetishes! Which girl do you wanna hang out with this week?

A big costume party is happening and everybody wants to take part in it! These beautiful girls are attending this party, are you going to miss it? Maybe you can even see beyond just their costumes!

Continue the story with your choices from Week 1 or start a new playthrough with a brief questionnaire to set up past choices, you decide! Every choice matters, some events may go your way but one wrong choice can turn everything upside down!

Week 2 brings a whole new package of the kinkiest and spiciest animations around! From casual sex to watersports, the second chapter has everything ready for you! Experience the best Fetish Locator animations to date as you continue to shape your story. Ready for the second round of Fetishes?

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