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Welcome to Clover Rise!

Guide the fate of the village as a hero who can travel back in time, deep in the Middle Ages. 

Defend the village against the attacks of orcs from the depths of the dark forests and save it from destruction. 

Face recurring attacks every ten days and improve your defense strategies by strengthening your village.

But the battle is not limited to the village walls. Discover the machinations and plans of other kingdoms. 

Through diplomacy and intelligence, anticipate your enemies’ moves and protect yourself against potential danger.

Strive to reclaim your rightful throne and become king. Change the past and shape the future. 

Make strategic decisions, protect your people and rebuild your kingdom from the ashes.

Added for Version 0.55 :

-Added about 25 sex scenes.

-New effects added to sex scenes.

-New story events added.

-New daily events added.

-New missions added.

-Forest area opened.

-Now you will earn more when you help characters.

-Mercenaries are now earning more.

-The Lords are involved in the story.

-Added the option to request soldiers from Noah.

-Dream pills have been added for the premium version.

-Added a glory hole for the premium version that grants a high amount of sanity.

-Added merchant Lella for the premium version.

-Your options from Clover Revenge are now effective in Clover Rise.

-Fixed a bug related to mercenaries.

Added for Version 0.20 :

-Main quests and side quests have been added.

-Added options for solving village problems.

-Different scenarios have been added for village problems, separated according to your choices.

-A few new romantic scenes have been added.

-Added a table where you can see the characters’ mood and relationship values.

-Added a new usable area on the map.

-Added the option to build defense machines.

-Adjusted damage and power balance in combat.

-Daily energy value increased to 20.

-Added materials that can be purchased from the blacksmith.

-Edited some background and character visuals.

-Upgrade purchase prices have been fixed.

-Daily revenues and costs were adjusted.

-Characters with which you have a last level relationship are now set to give bonus sanity.

-Added energy pills for Premium users.

-Adjusted the ballistas that Premium users will see in battle if they build 2 ballistas.

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