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Atomiquest is first and foremost an adult game, about survival in the harsh post apocalyptic wasteland, and the desperate actions that come along with it.

Embark on a gritty journey through the desolate remains of civilization in Atomiquest, an adult-themed survival game that thrusts you into the heart of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Navigate the harsh realities of this world as you guide your chosen character toward one ultimate objective: escape.

In Atomiquest, every decision matters as you traverse the wasteland, gathering resources, recruiting fellow survivors, and navigating treacherous encounters with other desperate groups. Your companions are not just allies; they’re individuals with their own unique quirks, abilities, appearances, and voices, adding depth and unpredictability to your journey.

This sandbox RPG survival experience offers unparalleled freedom, allowing you to level up your characters, forge friendships, or even manipulate relationships into abusive dynamics. 

Ultimately, your choices will determine whether your characters find salvation or are ensnared in a nightmarish existence of your own design.

In Atomiquest, the fate of your companions is in your hands. Will you lead them to freedom, or condemn them to an endless cycle of despair?

They are all yours

Noteworthy Points

  • 27 “special” scenes – Experience intimate and character-driven interactions through 27 distinct scenes between various characters.
  • 167 Animations – a total of 167 meticulously crafted “Special” Animations across all scenes.
  • 3 different endings – Unravel the narrative threads to uncover three distinct endings, each containing a secret scene tailored for specific characters.
  • Exploration – Choose where you go and what you do, you are free to explore the devastated wasteland as much as it will allow you to.
  • Survival – The wasteland will not be easy on you, you will have to work hard and be creative in order to survive.
  • Combat – Engage in strategic turn-based combat as you navigate encounters with rival factions and hostile entities, utilizing a diverse array of tactics and abilities to emerge victorious.
  • Rest – Foster bonds, hone skills, and recharge your party’s strength through restorative activities such as practicing, sleeping, or cheering / charming / dominating each other into more complicated relationships.
  • Day & Night – Embrace the dynamic nature of the wasteland, where the transition from day to night heralds not only changes in scenery but also heightened dangers lurking in the shadows.

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Development log

  • Atomiquest – NEW GAME RELEASE

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Atomiquest is renowned for its immersive role-playing elements, strategic depth, and high-quality graphics, making it a standout in the adult gaming category. Its unique storyline engages players from the outset, drawing them into a meticulously crafted world filled with intriguing characters and complex narratives. The game's ability to combine adult themes with compelling gameplay ensures a rich and satisfying experience.

In summary, Atomiquest excels in delivering a safe, accessible, and deeply engaging gaming experience. Its commitment to security, coupled with the ease of installation and a rich narrative, makes Atomiquest a must-play for enthusiasts of adult gaming. With its place secured among the top titles in the genre, Atomiquest continues to captivate and entertain players, promising hours of immersive gameplay.